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Upcoming Exhibition

Da Vinci Talk 2022 will be held in Auckland at Aotea Centre, Level 4, 59 Mayoral Drive from September 27th to October 7th.

This is Da Vinci Talk’s third annual exhibition. Unlike the previous two exhibitions, this year’s exhibition does not set a theme, allowing the artists to express themselves more freely and bring their best works and creative expressions to our audience in Auckland.

This year’s exhibition continues to focus on the paper medium. The 40 selected works include traditional Chinese paintings, watercolour, ink, print, acrylic, and sketches among others. This year’s works were collected from 13 different universities with 40 talented artists of which 25 are female.

Our artworks offer a diverse range of themes that are figurative, abstract, visual, ideological, lyrical, critical, fascinating, and altogether so incredible that I cannot fully describe it here in words for you. So instead, come along and experience our art for yourself!


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