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Da Vinci Talk 2023 Review

The 4th Art Exhibition by Chinese New Talent - Da Vinci Talk 2023, which had been hosted for 2.5 weeks, ended on October 5th. The selected artists are not only students from 8 major fine arts academies all over China but also students studying in fine art faculties at other universities in China.

The 40 featured artworks showcased their unique styles from various academies located in different regions of China. What's more, they represent the diverse perspectives of 40 interesting individuals observing the world. The audience not only contemplated, resonated with, and enjoyed the works but also experienced a culture that is completely different from that of the Southern Hemisphere.

The composition of the audience for this edition is very different from previous ones, with the most noticeable change being a significant increase in young people. The audience includes both locals and immigrants from abroad, as well as international students from all over the world. There are Chinese attendees, Kiwis, and people of various ethnic backgrounds. Among them are both art students and professionals dedicated to artistic creation. Regardless of where the audience comes from and their diverse backgrounds, they spontaneously showed a strong interest in the unique artistic style presented in 'Da Vinci Talk.’

After being consecutively hosted for 4 years, the exhibition was eventually recognized by the local council. The event news was included in the list of e-newsletters regularly sent to thousands of city residents who love the arts. Additionally, as in previous years, both the communication platform 'Heart of the City,' under the Business Association for Auckland’s City Centre, and Auckland Live, which provided the venue, spared no effort in promoting the event through their websites and e-newsletters. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese Students Society of the University of Auckland advertised the event through social media and posters on the campus, and I am grateful for their support.

'Da Vinci Talk' is a non-profit cultural art event that annually exhibits 40 artworks on paper created by Chinese tertiary students. There are no entry fees for the artists, and there are no restrictions on the content of the works. The only requirement for the artists is that their paintings reflect both their dedication to art and their love of life.

The call for submissions for the 5th 'Da Vinci Talk' exhibition will be coming soon, so please stay tuned for it.

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