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Da Vinci Talk 2022 Review

The 3rd Da Vinci Talk - Annual Art Exhibition by Chinese University Students has been wrapped up. It has showcased 40 artworks by Chinese youth. I decided not to set a theme for the exhibitions from this year and onwards, which encouraged the artists to present the works reflecting their thoughts and state of mind without boundaries.

There were approximately one thousand Aucklanders turning up to the event, and two hundreds of them were keen to participate in the interacting ‘ green stickers’ games: each audience was given five green stickers and put one on the paintings he/she liked.

Generally, Aucklanders have both good taste in art and broad range of interests. The works that they had selected to put stickers on, were diversified ranging from figurative to abstract, from critical thinking to visual aesthetic, and so on.

The three artworks that have gotten most stickers are…

The audiences this year were ten times more than the previous two years, since the Covid restrictions in New Zealand have been scrapped. What’s more, with the charm of being a national art hub, rich artistic atmosphere, magnificent construction, modern facilities as well as the location in the heart of the city, Aotea Centre had attracted a lot of foot traffic for the exhibition.

In addition, during the event period, the digital advertising screens, the brochures and the signs of the exhibition were available around the venue.

At the same time, we had put the advertising flyers of ChildFund New Zealand, our notable partner, on the dressing trestle, and we played our part to draw the audiences’ attention to the organization.


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