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Da Vinci Talk 2021 Review

In 2022 we were finally able to meet with the public and showcase these wonderful works at Aotea Square from 25th January to 4th February.

Da Vinci Talk 2021 Wake Up was originally scheduled to take place from September to October of 2021, but was postponed again and again due to the pandemic.

However, just a day before we were due to set up for the exhibition, the Prime Minister announced that pandemic prevention measures would move Auckland from a Yellow light to a Red light level due to fears of Omicron growing. Nevertheless, more people than expected still came to visit.

Some audience members liked to observe the artworks directly, looking for various details in the work like a detective, coming up with their own evaluations while trying not to be influenced by the artwork’s description. Others, while appreciating the artworks, like to confirm whether their ideas are consistent with the artist’s through the description of the work.

Whether it’s posing for a photo in front of a work or imitating the characters in the work, or just taking out a phone and snapping a picture, these are all interactions one can have with the artwork.

Over the past two years, social gatherings have been greatly reduced and it is rare for everyone to get together. In addition to discussing the artworks, the audience also chat with each other, swap stories about the current situation, and put on beautiful clothes they don’t usually have the opportunity to wear.

At the same time as our own exhibition, there was also an exhibition of Michelangelo’s works, giving our Chinese university student artists the opportunity to “go on stage” with the master from 500 years ago.

After the renovation of Aotea Centre last year, the whole building has taken on an entirely new look, and the rainbow steps at the front entrance are particularly eye-catching.


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