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This exhibition’s theme is “Wake Up”. Every person’s understanding of “Wake Up” is different. The Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi once had a dream that he had turned into a butterfly. After he woke up, he asked himself: am I actually the butterfly who dreamed of Zhuangzi, or am I the Zhuangzi who dreamed of a butterfly? British author Charles Dickens also wrote his understanding of “Wake Up” in his novel The Pickwick Papers: “People need to rise early, to see the sun in all his splendour, for his brightness seldom lasts the day through. The morning of day and the morning of life are but too much alike.”


This exhibition collected the works of 40 students mainly from major art universities in China. They are truly outstanding. They are like newborn calves, not yet afraid of tigers. They dare to break through the standards and restrictions set by their predecessors. I was amazed by their bold ideas, intoxicated by their colours and brushstrokes, and even more infected by their youthful spirit. The works from 40 different styles, like 40 local delicacies from all over China, stimulating your eyes and influencing your taste buds. It is also worth mentioning that all the works selected this time are paper works. The diverse range of paper used is another highlight of this exhibition. 





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