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In the past two years, Da Vinci Talk exhibitions revolved around a central concept that artists had to follow and then create works based on their interpretations of the theme. Of course, this is standard practice around the world and despite the many excellent works I have continued to receive, I still felt as if there was something missing.


After much consideration, I decided not to set a theme for this year’s exhibition. Rather than limiting our artists’ creativity by binding them to a single theme, which they may or may not even take an interest in, I decided to leave it as an open platform to assist in students achieving their dreams. In this way, the artists are inspired to create art without boundaries, as I believe that the best works are those that reflect the current thoughts and state of mind of the artist. Such works are more convincing in reflecting their personal expressions and allow artists to connect more deeply with the audience than through a particular theme.


I am relieved to feel that I made the right choice. This year, I have selected 40 diverse artworks on paper, each showcasing a true portrayal of the artists’ aspirations. Their paintings articulate their life experiences and creative extensions. When you appreciate these works, you are not only seeing 40 beautiful artworks, you are also taking a glimpse into the colourful inner worlds of 40 individual artists. 







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