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Da Vinci Talk was initially the name of an art salon I started in Guangzhou, of which the participants were mainly art university students. I encouraged art students to communicate and interact with people from different academic disciplines, ages, and cultures. Thus, the idea for an exhibition in New Zealand was born out of this context. I hope to bring the most genuine works of Chinese university students to New Zealand and, from this experience and exchange, help them to grow and mature as people. I also hope that through these artworks New Zealand audiences can sincerely see the face of contemporary China as well as of Chinese young people.

Throughout the process of preparing for this exhibition, I received the enthusiastic support of many people and organisations. I’m particularly grateful to Deborah White and Artweek Auckland, as without them Da Vinci Talk would not have this opportunity to be shared with New Zealand audiences. I would also like to thank the young artists who contributed to this exhibition, they used their own brushstrokes to express their various understandings of Wait and Hope. I am fascinated by their colours and concepts, and I hope that the New Zealand audience can, like I have, enjoy this exhibition both visually and thoughtfully.



在展览筹备过程中,我得到很多人和机构的热心支持,心存感激,尤其要感谢Deborah White女士和奥克兰艺术周,她们让达芬奇对话得以被更多的新西兰观众认识。我更要感谢参加这次展览的年轻艺术家,他们用各自的笔触,尽情演绎对等待与希望的不同理解,我陶醉于他们的颜色和观念,也希望新西兰观众同我一样,从中得到视觉和思觉的享受。

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