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Da Vinci Talk was originally the name of an art salon that I initiated in 2019, primarily involving art students from China. The salon aimed to foster communication between art students and individuals from diverse disciplines, age groups, and cultures. The open and welcoming environment of the salon resonated well with students, bringing me great joy. In 2020, the inaugural art exhibition under the same name commenced in New Zealand, located in the southern hemisphere. 


Da Vinci Talk is an annual non-profit art exhibition that aims to inspire Chinese university students to utilize art as a means of connecting with the world. Over the course of three successful exhibitions, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Da Vinci Talk not only fosters relationships between Chinese and foreigners but also among overseas Chinese. This aspect of the event brought me great satisfaction and joy.


Since its inception, the events have garnered support from numerous passionate individuals and organizations, for which I am immensely grateful. The philosophy of Da Vinci Talk is rooted in simplicity and humility. As the founder and curator, I wholeheartedly wish to sustain everyone's ongoing interest and attention, ensuring that the exhibitions can continue for years to come, providing young people with a platform to showcase their artwork.

John Zeng

「达芬奇对话」原本是我在2019年发起的一个艺术沙龙的名字,参与者大多是读艺术的中国大学生。我鼓励艺术生与不同学科、不同年龄、不同文化的人交流。沙龙有充分的表达自由,受到学生的热烈欢迎,而我也从中得到极大的乐趣。到了2020年,我开始策划「达芬奇对话」 艺术展。从第一届展览开始,地点就选择在地球之南的新西兰。







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