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Da Vinci Talk was originally the name of an art salon I initiated in Guangzhou in 2019. The participants were mainly art university students and I encouraged art students to communicate with people of different disciplines, ages, and cultures. The salon was very successful and I was inspired by the students’ enthusiasm, so I curated the first Da Vinci Talk - Annual Art Exhibition by Chinese University Students in 2020 at the heart of Auckland, New Zealand.

Da Vinci Talk is a non-profit annual art exhibition especially established for Chinese university students (whether they are studying in China or overseas). The original intention of the exhibition was to encourage Chinese university students to use art to communicate with the world. However, after the success of our first art exhibition, I realised not only did the exhibition showcase the thoughts and perspectives of contemporary Chinese young people to overseas audiences, it also helped overseas audiences foster better understandings of contemporary China, which I was very pleased about.


Since its inception, Da Vinci Talk has received the support of many enthusiastic people and organisations, of which I am incredibly grateful. Da Vinci Talk’s philosophy is simple. As the curator, I hope to receive everyone’s continued interest and attention, so that this exhibition can be held year after year, giving young people the opportunity to exhibit their works. 


John Zeng








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